The best way to learn Python.

Oh!! Finally decided to learn Python.Ha ,Good, Then Fallow the below steps.

Requirements to learn Python:

1  U should be a human-being

2 U must have lap or desktop

3 U must install Python in your device

Step-1:  Install Python in your device

For Windows:

Go to python official website ( and download exe file , install in your system (better to install 2.7.3 version)

For Linux:

Go to Python official website ( and download tar file , unzip it run python setup file, before installing python in Linux system check once in your system u might have already , most of the Linux system’s have python by default.

Step-2 Open your Python IDLE from start bar

Now in your hand u have book , then start writing on it, i.e practice some basic stuff on it like 2+2….

Then take any basic Python PDF ex: Head First Programming Python (  or open Tutorial Point website ( .

First start with basic introduction of python programming language then step by step.

And practice each concept by example .

If u are comfort with basic python stuff, start learning some advance concepts with help of  books like Dive Into Python (

Step-3 Play with Python programs.

Now u know some python , then it’s time to write some useful code , for this do goggling find some basic application level code , and practice it.

Step-4 Take step for useful.

Now you are Jim in Python , don’t feel that you are ready for industry , there is one more step , i.e need to learn combination of technologies.

Now  decide which side need to go , to become hero in industry , i.e in Web development or GUI development or Automation or some other.

Step-5 Learn Django for web development.

Now in your hand have Python, open Django official website ( find some example app , and practice it.

Finally!!!!!! Ha….Become…Pythonist…Congrats ..All The Best For Ur Future….


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