Job Interview Stuff

Page for providing Python&Django job interview stuff, thanks to friends and colleagues for providing all the stuff.forgive me that it may have some duplicate content.

Some interview question concepts:

  • What is the advantages of python language
  • How to insert values into python list, tuple, and dict.
  • Increment operator in python
  • Iterators in python for list and dict
  • How to convert string to integer in python
  • Exception handling in python
  • Custom exceptions in python
  • About self in python
  • Class declaration in python
  • Difference between modular function definition and class function definition
  • Data types in python
  • Difference between list and tuple.
  • About range function
  • Define some models which makes by our project and their relationships. And custom fields making.
  • User sessions and related information
  • About is authenticated ,and login ,logout methods in django
  • About profile class in django
  • Logging, profiling, debugging in python.
  • Custom exceptions.
  • Custom decorators.
  • What is python path? How we should we give that by manually?
  • Difference between direct import and from in import.
  • Field relationships like foreign key and many to many relationship
  • How to delete data from related tables.
  • How to improve performance in orm queries.
  • Tools for code optimization in django as well as python
  • Environment variables in python.
  • Difference between get and post methods I n form element.
  • In which cases dictionary is useful
  • Why string is immutable.
  • About lambda, dir, map functions in python.
  • How to integrate payment gateway with our code
  • About doc strings in python
  • Removing field for existing tables in db( approach towards solution)
  • String reverse in python
  • Login submitted by get method.
  • Difference between soap and rest in web services.
  • Difference between html 4 and html 5 and CSS 3 futures.
  • How to execute Os commands in python scripts.



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