Nice Tutorial About Python Flask Framework:

Link for Tutorial.


Want to Start New Django Project Fallow These Steps (Django Workflow).

Django Workflow

  1. Create a new project and a new app called mainapp
  2. Edit Fix the following:
    1. Database settings
    2. Installed apps
    3. Media and media admin paths
    4. Most recently, to add CSS and JS paths
  3. Edit in the project folder and
    1. Uncomment the admin paths
    2. Include
  4. Create a new in the mainapp folder
    1. Create a path that display a view called home
  5. Create a new templates folder
  6. Create a base.html file in the templates folder
    1. Create a place-holder variable within base.html
  7. Edit the file. Create a new view called home and return ‘hello world’ using the base.html template and a place-holder variable
  8. Create a media folder the project folder (1 level up from the mainapp folder)
  9. Edit the file
  10. Run syncdb
  11. At this point, you should be able to access both your admin page and your homepage that outputs ‘hello world’ by running the development server