Django 2 Tutorial ( Django for beginners by William S. Vincent ):

Please find the below web link for Django 2 tutorial ( Django for beginners by William S. Vincent )

It includes:

Django for beginners PDF

REST API with Django

Django for professionals.


Python Modules or SDKs for VMware ESXi vSphere & XEN Server

Refer below for interacting with VMware vSphere using Python SDKs or Module.

Module –

Docs – 

Sample scripts.


Refer below for interacting with XEN server using Python SDKs or Module.

Module –

Docs –

Sample scripts.

Data Structures & Algorithms In Python

Found an interesting website for detailed explanation about Data Structures & Algorithms in Python Along with their performance Analysis ( Big O ).And it is free for learning.

It is mainly focused on the below topics:

->  Stacks , Queues

-> Linked List

-> Recursion

-> Dynamic Programming

-> Sorting & Searching

-> Trees & Graphs

Link for website:

Differences between Python2 vs Python3

Listing out the major features or statements which are having difference between Python 2.x and Python 3.x.

1 ) Print

2) Range functions

3) Strings

4) division operator

5) feature module

6) Exception handling

7) input function

8) object return type for some of inbuilt functions

Detailed description

Print function

Python 2.x->

print ‘Hello Welcome’

Python 3.x->

print(‘Hello Welcome’)

Note: In Python 3 print should be use like function

Range function

combining both range and xrange in Python 2.x will make range in python 3 with xrange default python 3.x range provides iterators object.


In Python 2.x strings are ASCII but in Python 3.x strings are by default Unicode.

Division operator

In Python if you do division ( 7/5 ) then will get result as 1 but in Python 3 division gives with floating number (like 7/5->1.4).

__feature__ module

Python 3.x feature modules add some extra attributes which are not available in Python 2.x and by using those things we can give backward compatibility for some of python 3.x features


from feature import division

Exception handling
There is a small change in exception handling while using exception block , in Python 3.x you need to be handle exceptions by as keyword.



try block

except error as err:

exception code

Input function

In Python 2.x we have two functions to take inputs from user like input ( depends on user provided value )& raw_input (everything is string) .

to combining these two functions in Python 3.x introduces only input function which takes everything as string.

Object return type for some of inbuilt functions

In Python 2.x some of the inbuilt functions provides list as a output but in Python 3.x all built in functions returns by default iterator object.


zip, map, filter, dictionary keys, dictionary  values, dictionary  items, range

Book for Python Data Structures and Algorithms by Narasimha Karumanchi

While i was searching for Python data structures and algorithms information in google, found an interesting and well explained book which has written by Mr.Narasimha Karumanchi. This Book has explained each topic with examples and explanation.As for author concern, this book is very helpful those who are trying to get jobs in Tier 1 companies like ( Facebook , Google, LinkedIn….).

Core Python Programming book by R. Nageswara Rao.

A Nice book for Python Core programming,  has written by Indian author R. Nageswara Rao.

This book provides all the concepts from simple to complex  with examples and it was mainly intent for students but not limited even professional can benefit by referring this book.

Currently this is book is available in Amazon with two formats (digital, Paper back)

Link for amazon book directory.